How to remove fuse plug fuses from old christmas

how to remove fuse plug fuses from old christmas

While Christmas tree lights can add beauty to a Christmas tree, they can also add great frustration when not working properly. Homeowners have been known to spend hours checking and replacing the small bulbs in light sets when, many times, the problem is as simple as a blown fuse.

Fuses are a safety feature on today's Christmas tree lights which help protect against power surges, overloads and short circuits. If your Christmas tree lights are not working, check the fuses. Replacing a fuse on Christmas tree lights is simple and can save you a lot of time and frustration. Unplug the Christmas tree lights and locate the fuse panel. The fuse panel is located on the accessory plug with two prongs, commonly known as the male plug.

There are a couple of different types of covers on fuse panels. One may have a plate covering the fuses, while the other may have a drawer that holds the fuses. Open the fuse panel on the Christmas tree light plug. Even though the fuse panel may appear as if does not open, it will.

Use a small flat head screwdriver to slide the fuse panel cover open or to slide the fuse panel drawer out. Turn the attachment plug over to remove the fuses from the Christmas tree lights. In most cases, the fuses will just fall out into your hand. If they do not, tap the plug gently against your hand. If the fuses are stubborn and still won't come out, it may be necessary to gently pry them out with a small screwdriver or knife.

Determine if the fuses on the Christmas tree lights are blown by holding them up towards a light and looking closely at both fuses. If one or both of the fuses appear to be dark or black, the fuse is probably blown. If you're just not certain, you can use a fuse tester to test the fuses. Replace the blown fuse with a new fuse and insert them back into the fuse panel, securely closing the cover back in place. Plug in the Christmas tree lights to ensure they are now working.

Rawls ghostwrites and has written several books for children that she hopes to see published in the very near future. Rawls holds an Associate Degree in early childhood development with extensive experience working with at-risk youth.

Written by: Terri Rawls Written on: July 14, Resources Replacement Parts for Christmas Lights. As a safety feature, most Christmas tree lights have pre-installed fuses which limit the amount of current allowed to pass through the lights. Packages of spare Christmas tree light fuses are available at most discount stores. Just be sure to purchase the proper size.Hi guys, recently my second hand TV stopped working.

After quick detective work utilizing the vast electrical experience on Google I figured it was the fuse that had blown. I'm no electrician but I like to fix things myself and I'm too cheap to buy another one at Wal-mart. If your TV stops working like mine you can follow these steps to fix it. My second hand TV I traded it for a memory card and micro SD card reader would not come on by either the remote or on switch.

Replace the Fuse in Your TV

It would not light up or make any sounds. Diagnosis: The diagnosis was that the TV was not receiving any power. After trying different wall outlets, and plugging in known working appliances, I ruled out that it was not a faulty wall outlet. I would use a lamp but that doesn't work either. No sense in cracking open a TV and risking your life if the wall outlet is not working or not on at all.

Philips screw driver Thick leather gloves Fuses Flat screw driver Flashlight. First unplug the power from the TV. There is a V area on one side and high voltage area on the other side, either one you accidentally bump into is going to leave a big ouch or might make someone rich when they cash in your life insurance policy.

Set the box glass side down. Unscrew every screw and place them in an organized fashion.

how to remove fuse plug fuses from old christmas

After you remove the screw, carefully lift the plastic case off the front. Set it aside. IF you know what your doing you can go ahead and discharge the tube. If your inexperienced like me just wear thick leather or rubber gloves and avoid touching anything other than the edges of the PCB and the fuse.

If your lucky the fuse will be in a readily accessible place. Using a flat blunt object carefully lift out the fuse. Take care not to break the fuse or scratch the PCB underneath. Once you extracted the fuse from the TV set the cover back on so no one accidentally kills themselves. Take the fuse to your computer and type in any codes. Also look on the PCB for any markings such as Amperage and volts. About 3 more fuses than I needed right now. Carefully reassemble the TV and plug it in.Before throwing those strings of lights away and buying new ones, take some time to examine and fix them if possible.

Here's an easy troubleshooting process for checking your strings of Christmas lights and fixing them if they are faulty. It sounds too simple to be true, but surprisingly often, problems with a string of lights have nothing to do with the lights.

When testing lights, start by making sure you're plugging them into an outlet that's carrying power. If the string of lights appears dead, there's always the chance that the circuit's breaker has tripped and isn't providing an electrical current to the outlet.

Check the main service panel to make sure the circuit breaker is in the ON position, and reset it if it has tripped.

Slide this door open, pry out the small glass fuse and examine it closely. Some light strings may have two fuses; examine them both. It's usually possible to see a break in the small metal filament inside the glass fuse if it has burned out.

If the fuse is bad, replace it with a duplicate of exactly the same size and rating. Electronics stores or hardware stores sell a variety of replacement fuses. A fuse can also be checked using a common electrician's tool called an ohm meter. The goal is to test the fuse for continuity—if the fuse is operating correctly, the fuse will show no resistance. Very often, the problem is with individual light bulbs in the string. This is easy to spot in some light strings because you can spot the individual bulbs that have gone dark.

Sometimes the light bulbs will simply be loose in their sockets—just pressing them firmly in place sometimes restores the function. In older lights strings, though, a single dead bulb may cause the entire string to go dark. Here, it can be quite time-consuming to replace individual bulbs until you find the culprit causing the problem.

how to remove fuse plug fuses from old christmas

There are different types of testers available, including "touchless" models that you simply hold close to each individual bulb to identify if it is bad. With other tools, you remove individual bulbs and slide the plug portion into a small socket on the tool to test it. If none of the individual bulbs are faulty but the light string still refuses to light up, there is a chance the shunt wires in the light string are faulty.

When working correctly, there is a wire shunt in the string that bypasses each of the individual light bulb sockets. This is designed so that power continues to flow when an individual bulb is burned out. But if the shunt wire itself is faulty, the light string will fail to operate correctly. The Lightkeeper Pro is a trigger-operated tool that sends a pulse of current through the light string to identify the faulty light bulb and repair the shunt.

The tool comes in a kit form that includes extra light bulbs, a continuity tester, and even a battery tester for testing various batteries. If you have old strings of incandescent holiday lights, they may generate considerable heat.

How to change a fuse on C7 & C9 strings

Because new styles of holiday lights are very affordable, it is a good idea to get rid of old incandescent lights that may pose a risk of fire.

These lights are especially dangerous if you decorate with a natural evergreen tree or pine boughs that can become tinder dry.Replacing a fuse box insert. My 35 yo house has a fuse box with about 14 circuits.

One fuse insert is damaged and needs to be replaced. The problem is. So, the big question is: How to remove the old fuse insert? Fuse Inserts. If I understand your problem you have a damaged adaptor for safety fuses that needs to be removed? Usually the adaptor simply screwed into the original fuse socket and it locked in place making it non-removable. You might go to a good electric supply store and ask them how to release the damaged adaptor.

Perhaps there is a special tool available you could borrow. Good Luck, Don. The damaged adaptor can be torqued out with a small pair of pliers. I have done this before. I have removed these adapters many times and have never damaged the original edison base socket. First pull the main fuses and turn off all power. The very front outer edge of the adapters has a metal ring where the spring of the fuse seats on when tightened. Using a small pliers, grab this metal ring and bend it out, doing this all the way around until you can see the plastic screw shell inside.

Then, use a screwdriver and slowly try and pull the plastic screwshell out. Sometimes it will break apart and you have to take it out in pieces. Once it's out you still have the metal screwshell of the insert still inside the socket. These adapters are held in place by a wire prong that is soldered inside the metal adapter's shell. It sticks through a hole, it grabs the panels original screw shell and won't allow you to unscrew it.

Using a small screwdriver or ice pick, look inside the metal shell for this piece of wire and carefully bend it up. Now you should be able to unscrew the remains of the metal screwshell. Look at a new safety adapter and you can see what I'm talking about. If you are talking about the type "S" fuse adapters which change your Edison base fuseholder to one which accepts only the specific size fuse it is rated for, you shouldn't have to replace it.

These were designed to keep you from putting 30 Amp fuses on 15 Amp wire,for instance. The adapters are a good idea to keep in place if tenants change fuses.InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Here we describe the types of fuses found in fused electrical panels, the causes of blown fuses, the right fuse size selection, and fuse replacement.

This article series discusses safety hazards at residential electrical panels using fuses or circuit breakers. These articles suggest safety procedures for the electrical inspector, home inspector, or other professionals who examine residential electrical systems.

Watch out: Fatal Shock Hazard Warning : Inspecting electrical components and systems risks death by electrocution as well as serious burns or other injuries to the inspector or to others.

Do not attempt these tasks unless you are properly trained and equipped. This article is about replacing a blown fuse. Watch out : Consider safety for yourself and other building occupants first. Look at the fuse box and look at the floor before touching anything. If you see arcing, burns, smoke, fire at the electrical panel, don't touch it.

Instead it's time to get people out of the building and call emergency services. You can improve your safety by avoiding touching the electrical box at all if you are not familar with electrical wiring and safety procedures, by wearing heavy rubber gloves, by avoiding touching any electrical wires or connections in the electrical box, by noticing if the elecrical ground rod and ground wiring are missing from your property, and by reviewing these two articles:.

Watch out: when electrical connections or bare wires or metal bus bars are exposed inside a fuse box or panel, if you touch one of these you will be shocked, injured, possibly killed. Watch out : Many fuse boxes or fuse panels have a hinged cover that can be opened to provide access to the fuses.

If there is safety cover that remains in place when you open the fuse box door, leave it in place. Without removing the internal panel safety cover, but by opening the hinged electrical panel access door of a larger fuse panel, homeowners can access the main fuses, as well as individual circuit fuses. However any smaller fuse boxes like the one in our photo at the top of this page and some of the fuse panels shown in this article have a single hinged cover that opens to expose all wiring and fuses together.

In our fuse box photo above, the box uses a combination of a main fuse pull-out at the top of the panel - this removes all electrical power to the building, three Volt fuse block pull-outs, and twelve screw-in type plug fuses.

We also noticed rust along the bottom of this panel, raising a possibility of internal damage that is not visible until your electrician opens the panel to examine its interior. First: if you know what caused a fuse to blow, such as something you just plugged-in, or that bank of six electric heaters in the sitting room, turn off and un-plug those devices. With a flashlight if needed, let's go take a look in the fuse box to find and replace the blown fuse. The fuse that has blown may in your main electrical panel or it may be in a sub-panel fed from the main and located elsewhere in the building.

Usually the main panel or service panel and sub panels will be located close together.

How to Change Fuses on LED Lights

Note where the electrical wires come to your building - as inside the main panel will usually be close to that same aera. Specialty sub panels for air conditioners and heating equipment as well as water pumps may be installed close to that equipment. There are two types of fuses found in fuse panels or boxes: larger ampacity cartridge fuses and smaller ampacity plug fuses. Cartridge fuses are longer cylindrical devices that snap into a clip at either end.LED string lights last a long time and will sometimes out last the fuse so checking to see if the LED light string fuse has failed can save your set of lights.

It is quick and easy to change Christmas light fuses and get your holiday decorating back on track. Important Note: Always unplug your Christmas lights before attempting to examine or change a fuse.

Find the replacement fuses in a small plastic bag attached to the female end of your light strand. The fuse compartment will then be on the male end of your light strand. Take the male end of the strand and press down with your fingernail or a flat screwdriver, pushing forward towards the prongs. Remove both fuses. The fuses may just gently fall into your hand, if not, you should try gently tapping the plug against your hand.

Holiday LEDs has created a guide to help you solve this problem and get your tree looking its best. Start by measuring the height of your tree. You want to measure from the top point of the tree all the way down to the base, ignoring the height of the trunk.

Find the size of your tree and the type of light you are using on the chart below. C7 or C9 Bulb Shapes. M5 lights are the mini lights you may be familiar with. G12 bulbs are raspberry shaped. C6 bulbs are strawberry shaped. C7 and C9 bulbs have the traditional shape you might have grown up with—larger than the strawberry-shaped C6, with the C9 the largest of all.

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C7 and C9 come in string light versions as well as replacement bulbs. We have a large selection of replacement bulbs and accessories. Visit our home page for LED Christmas Lights and all the accessories you will need to complete your decorating! You must be logged in to post a comment. The top will slide open revealing two fuses.Last Updated: April 26, References.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more If your entire string of Christmas lights stops working, you may have a burnt fuse. Replacing a Christmas light fuse involves locating the fuses, removing the burnt fuses, and installing the replacement set that came with your Christmas lights.

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Can I replace my own electrical panel?

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Before you open the plug cover, make sure you unplug the lights. It's always a good idea to unplug anything electrical before you work on it. Be careful not to electrocute yourself.

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