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The need for affiliation N-Affil is a term that was popularized by David McClelland and describes a person's need to feel a sense of involvement and "belonging" within a social group ; McClellend's thinking was strongly influenced by the pioneering work of Henry Murray who first identified underlying psychological human needs and motivational processes It was Murray who set out a taxonomy of needs, including achievement, power and affiliation—and placed these in the context of an integrated motivational model.

People with a high need for affiliation require warm interpersonal relationships and approval from those with whom they have regular contact.

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Having a strong bond with others make a person feel as if they are a part of something important that creates a powerful impact.

People who place high emphasis on affiliation tend to be supportive team members, but may be less effective in leadership positions. A person who takes part in a group, whether it be a movement or project, create a push towards a sense of achievement and satisfaction for the individual and the whole. Affiliation is a positive, sometimes intimate, personal relationship. There are many situations in which people feel a need for affiliation. For example, in a business setting, when creating a new product there can be many different ideas on how to market the product.

A recently hired employee might feel a need for affiliation to have their idea heard because they feel this is the best course of action. If that person's idea is a success then that individual will feel a sense of achievement. Thus, being new the employee, he decides to involve himself so he feels a sense of belonging to the rest of the employees.

One situation that causes a greater need for affiliation is during a stressful situation. An example where there was an increase in the need for affiliation among individuals was right after the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

This event led to Americans' putting their differences aside and coming together. The increase in an individual's need for affiliation allowed individuals responding to the same stressor to come together and find security in one another. Situations that include fear often lead people to want to be together and trigger a need for affiliation.

The need for affiliation for an individual can vary over short amounts of time; there are times when individuals wish to be with others and other times to be alone. In one study, completed by Shawn O'Connor and Lorne Rosenblood, beepers were distributed to the students.

The students were then asked to record, when their beepers went off, whether or not they wanted to be alone or if they wanted to be with others at that particular moment. This study was done to observe how frequently college students were in the presence of others and how frequently they were alone. The next step in this study asked for the students to record whether, at the time their beeper went off, they wanted to be alone or in the company of others.

This response that they gave usually reflected which of the two situations they were experiencing the next time their beepers went off. The information retained from this study helped to show the strength of an individual's need for affiliation.Generally, businesses need a new EIN when their ownership or structure has changed. Although changing the name of your business does not require you to obtain a new EIN, you may wish to visit the Business Name Change page to find out what actions are required if you change the name of your business.

The information below provides answers to frequently asked questions about changing your EIN. You will be required to obtain a new EIN if any of the following statements are true.

You will not be required to obtain a new EIN if any of the following statements are true. An LLC is an entity created by state statute. On Aug. The new regulations state that the LLC, not its single owner, will be responsible for filing and paying all employment taxes on wages paid on or after January 1, These regulations also state that for certain excise taxes, the LLC, not its single owner, will be responsible for liabilities imposed and actions first required or permitted in periods beginning on or after January 1, If a single member LLC has been filing and paying excise taxes under the name and EIN of the owner and no EIN was previously assigned to the LLC, a new EIN will be required for certain excise tax liabilities imposed and actions first required or permitted in periods beginning on or after January 1, The following examples may assist in determining if a new EIN is required:.

You will not be required to obtain a new EIN if any of the following statement is true. More In File. Sole Proprietors You will be required to obtain a new EIN if any of the following statements are true. You are subject to a bankruptcy proceeding. You incorporate. You take in partners and operate as a partnership. You purchase or inherit an existing business that you operate as a sole proprietorship.

You change the name of your business. You operate multiple businesses. Corporations You will be required to obtain a new EIN if any of the following statements are true. A corporation receives a new charter from the secretary of state. You are a subsidiary of a corporation using the parent's EIN or you become a subsidiary of a corporation. You change to a partnership or a sole proprietorship. A new corporation is created after a statutory merger.

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need for s

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need for s

Polling sites are doing everything they can to keep volunteers and voters safe, he adds. But fewer volunteers means fewer polling sites can operate: Milwaukee, for example, typically has polling places. At the primary in April, just five sites were operating. Earlier this month, election board officials in states across the country said they were still thousands of volunteers short.

More thanvolunteers are needed to operate polling sites across the country, according to Brandon. And more volunteers are needed this year than in past years not only to ensure that jurisdictions like Milwaukee can operate the appropriate number of polling sites — keeping lines shorter and enabling more voters to cast their ballot — but to count the anticipated increase in mail-in ballots.

Brandon notes there is an especially great need for workers in certain states and cities, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Miami and Charlotte, N. In many states you have to be at least 18 to volunteer, although some allow high school students aged 16 or 17 to volunteer.

The official duties of poll workers vary by jurisdiction, but typically, they open and close the polling sites, check in voters and ensure everyone who wants to and is eligible to cast a vote is able to. In most places, volunteers get paid for their training and for the elections they work. It's not an easy gig. Volunteers have to complete a training and commit to a hour day working at their assigned poll site. They arrive before it opens and will work, with few breaks, until all of the votes are submitted after it closes.

If your employer does not offer volunteer days, you'll have to use a vacation day or take an unpaid day off of work.

But if you're interested, don't let any of that deter you. Election boards and voting organizations are doing everything they can to simplify the process and make it as safe as possible. After reading about the poll worker shortage earlier this year, I decided I felt personally safe enough to volunteer in NYC. It was held near my apartment in Brooklyn, though some other volunteers had traveled over an hour to reach the elections warehouse.

The BOE workers took the other volunteers and myself through what we would be expected to do on election day and taught us how to find voters in New York City's elections system. The BOE workers told us time and again that it's the Information Clerk's job to ensure everyone who wants to vote, can. If a voter turns up to the wrong polling site, we fill out a referral card for the correct site, and use the the BOE's system to map out how they can get there.

We also learned how to properly fill out Affidavit Ballots for any voter who requests one.

need for s

If you want to get involved, you can look up the requirements for your state via Work Elections. Election boards across the country have gone to great lengths to make training and voting as safe as possible, including providing personal protective equipment and planning to keep voters spaced out at the polls. Public health experts contend that voting in-person is as safe as going to the grocery store. When I attended my training session, the BOE workers wore face masks and disposable gloves to check us in and teach the class.

They checked the volunteers' temperatures before the class and had us sign a statement saying that we were not sick.Barbara Sprunt. Plexiglass will separate Vice President Pence and Sen.

Kamala Harris of California, the Democratic nominee, during their vice presidential debate on Wednesday. That's a precaution as a result of a cluster of coronavirus cases from the White House affecting President Trump and a number of aides and associates.

Pence has tested negative for the virus, but his proximity to others — including at a Rose Garden ceremony on Sept. Pence worked from home in recent days. The use of a plexiglass divider was requested by the campaign of Harris and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and the Commission on Presidential Debates agreed to the change. The divider follows a request from the Biden campaign to sit Harris and Pence farther apart, Politico reported.

A Pence spokeswoman reportedly mocked the plexiglass, calling it a "fortress.

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But Tuesday night, a Pence aide signaled more openness to the divider saying the campaign had inquired about the scientific need for it but also that it "won't let a barrier get in the way" of the debate. Wednesday's event follows Trump and Biden's chaotic and off-the-rails presidential debate last week, and it is the sole matchup between the vice presidential candidates.

ET Wednesday. You can listen to the debate on NPR, and we'll have a livestream video online. The university offered a lottery for fewer than students to represent the campus inside the debate site.

The school stressed that attendees will be spaced out and that face masks will be required. What's the format? The debate will be divided into nine minute sections.

Each candidate will have two minutes to respond to the opening question in each segment. But it's extremely likely that the coronavirus crisis will be front and center at this debate, particularly because of the president's health and the fact that Pence served as the head of the coronavirus task force.

He'll have to defend the administration's response to the pandemic, which has now claimed the lives of more thanAmericans. For her part, Harris, a former prosecutor who gained national attention for her grilling of witnesses in the Senate, may have to walk a delicate line between attacking Pence and the administration's policies while the president recovers from the virus.

Will there be more debates?

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Two more Trump-Biden debates are scheduledbut given the president's health, their status and any format changes are unclear:. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, during their debate — a coronavirus precaution.

Pence And Harris Debate Wednesday. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. October 6, AM ET. Enlarge this image.

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